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I’m Priya, a Chappaqua resident, mom of three and I love to cook and eat delicious food! I’m from London, but moved to New York about 18 months ago. 

I started Aroli’s Kitchen out of sheer gluttony and passion for cooking.  When I say passionate, I mean to tell you, food is almost an obsession for me!  I read cookery books like they are novels.  I’m always thinking about recipes, ingredients and what and when will be my next meal, and I’m never happier than when I’m cooking away in my kitchen on a wet Sunday afternoon. 

Previously a retail buyer for a major food grocer in the UK, I left the Corporate World behind to follow my foodie dream.  I’m a Londoner, but I’m originally from India and I’ve also been lucky enough to travel to many countries around the World.  My food takes my Corporate experiences and my travel influences, adds locally sourced products, and creates delicious, exciting, healthy, fresh food.  Oh, and by the way, it’s all Vegetarian. 

The food we create is focused on flavor – fresh, colorful, full of herbs and spices and interesting ingredients.  I’m always looking to food trends to find ways to make more spectacular Vegetarian and Vegan food.  I’m not here to convert you to vegetarianism, just to show you that it can be delicious, healthy and satisfying to skip the meat once in a while.


Our Food

Think Spanish vegetable paellas, Italian roasted vegetable lasagna, Indian tomato and lentil dhal, French mushroom & gruyere crepes, Thai coconut soup, Middle Eastern Halloumi salads.  All the most delicious vegetarian foods from around the world, made healthy, flavourful and accessible. 

I create original salads, wraps and snack items which are available at local Farmers Markets, but I also do dinner party catering and 1 to 1 cookery classes. 

Sample Menus (to come)


We offer small scale catering for dinner parties and small gatherings.  Let us create an exciting meal for you and you can even pass it off as your own work!  We also specialize in a range of canapes and snacks.  

Our canapé's are presented beautifully, using edible flowers, leaves or anything that inspires us for your particular event.

Classes & Courses

We offer cookery classes and courses for small groups in your own home kitchen.  We bring all the ingredients and know-how and together we will create a delicious meal that you can enjoy with family and friends.


Phone: (347) 229-3130  |  Email: priya@aroliskitchen.com

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