Memorial Day Barbeque salads

I can't tell you how exciting it is to say I'm heading into my 3rd week at the Chappaqua Farmers Market!  I'm slowly getting into the swing of things, and people are coming back for more of my salads, wraps and healthy food. The Bircher Muesli Breakfast Bowl was a surprise hit.  I soak oats overnight in unsweetened apple juice, and then add non-fat yogurt and grated apple.  It's topped with fresh fruit and honey, and honestly shouldn't taste as good as it does, considering how healthy it is!  The oats are easier to digest and give you slow-release energy. It's creamy, sweet and kids love it as a grab and go breakfast. 

This week, I'm introducing two new salads which will be perfect for any Memorial Day barbeque you're planning. 

The first is my healthy take on potato salad. It's inspired by the Niçoise salad, and is made with baby potatoes, green beans and black olives, in a garlic, lemon & basil dressing with generous shavings of Parmesan. It's super more-ish and full of flavor.
The second is my healthy take on coleslaw. It's the usual white and red cabbage, with carrot & red onion, but the dressing is made with Greek yogurt. Low in fat, but just as creamy. For crunch, I've added roasted sunflower seeds and poppy seeds, and for sweetness, dried cranberries.
Both will hopefully make great accompaniments to any burger. Come and check us out at Chappaqua Station!

I just love summer barbeque fare, lots of small bites to go alongside your main event.  Plenty of colorful, seasonal fare.  It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!  Happy Sunny Memorial Day Weekend!